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CoFounder and Chief Sex Educator,

Together with my partner Charlotte, I offer sex education for adults via multimedia online courses and a weekly podcast.

The Pleasure Mechanics

Keynotes and Lectures:

My greatest joy is facilitating a group in the process of discovering new ideas about human sexuality. From intimate workshops of five to keynotes delivered to sold out auditoriums of a thousand, I believe the most powerful sex education happens when we come together and learn as a group.

I am available both as a solo speaker or as a duo with my partner Charlotte Mia Rose

Charlotte Mia Rose and Chris Maxwell together are The Pleasure Mechanics

Designed For Pleasure

Sextech has swelled to an industry with big promise – but how can we design pleasure and humanity into our next-generation products? How can seasoned and trusted brands redesign towards a more inclusive future? In this signature trademark keynote, Chris Maxwell Rose (they/them) speaks to their experience building an inclusive and pleasure-centered brand, established at the dawn of online video in 2006. They also share stories from consulting work from Fortune 500 companies like Trojan and small indie educators alike. Designing for Pleasure is good for humans, good for business and good for the earth – a triple win worth considering as we design the Sextech and tech-enabled relationships of our future together.

The Pleasure Principle

How can a pleasure-based philosophy of sexuality transform global sex culture? In this lecture, students discover how to create their own sexual values system that will guide them in enjoying a safer, more consensual and more pleasurable sex life while contributing to ending sexual oppression around the globe. For all too long, pleasure has been condemned as sinful and selfish. Now, we must elevate pleasure to a central guide to creating a more equitable and just sexual culture for all.

Healing Sexual Trauma and Abuse: The Personal and Global Journey

As a survivor of both child sexual abuse and teenage sexual assault, I have spent my entire life discovering how to rediscover pleasure and reclaim sexuality. The lessons I learned are valuable for us all: in this culture we all suffer different degrees of sexual trauma and shame and all must learn how to have a positive and healthy relationship to our own sexuality. In this intimate and uplifting talk, I share what I have discovered about the emotional and physical journey of healing sexual trauma and point the way towards ending the cycle of sexual violence.

Beyond Kink: Discovering Authentic Erotic Intensity

We all want to experience erotic highs and enjoy intense sexual sensation. The world of kink and BDSM appeals to our desire to explore the outer limits of pleasure and power. Yet many times these explorations can lead us away from our true desires, rather than fulfill our wildest fantasies. Discover how to use The Fantasy Method to discover your authentic sexual desires and create a fulfilling sex life, on your own terms. This topic can be presented as either an interactive workshop or a lecture-style talk.

The Future is Queer

We are in the midst of a global shift in sex culture, and the future is queer. This lively and hopeful lecture focuses on how the queering of global sex culture will create more freedom and pleasure for all of us, heterosexuals included. Beyond gay marriage and equal rights for same-sex couples, the queering of culture creates fundamental shifts in gender expression, relationships and romance, and human sexual expression. Become a part of the global movement of queering sex culture and creating a more pleasurable world for us all.

College and University Specific Lectures:

“This fantastic duo will knock your socks off with their provocative re-envisioning of sexuality. Incredibly informative and insightful, Chris and Charlotte transmit a new vision of physically and emotionally healthy sexuality with soft words, understanding, and a whole lot of excitement. For all the damage American media has done to our perception of sexuality, Chris and Charlotte are here to make it right again.”
~Rebecca Levin Vassar’11

Create Your Campus Sex Culture

As a student at Vassar College, I was dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive and celebratory sex culture on campus. This lecture focuses on practical steps and inspiring ideas to motivate students to take control of their campus sex culture and shape the kind of climate they want to live in for the most formative years of their lives. Students discover how to become a leader in generating a healthier, sexier and more supportive sex culture and how they can leave a lasting legacy at their institution.

Photos of Past Speaking Engagements:

Basking in the glory of an entertained crowd
The Pleasure Mechanics were a big hit

Online Summits And Conferences:


“Chris and Charlotte gave us an amazing workshop. People walked away more relaxed, informed and more aware of the power of sexual responsibility. If anyone can tackle the sex-negative wave hitting campuses, it´s these two! Their seminar was the highlight of our conference!” -A.B., Workshop Organizer 2010


I am available for consulting by contract, for select remote appearances and travel by advance arrangement only.

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